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  • CheiRank

    CheiRank is an eigenvector with a maximal real eigenvalue of the Google matrix G^* constructed for a directed network with the inverted directions of links. It is similar to the PageRank vector, which ranks the network nodes in average proportionally to a number of incoming links being the maximal eigenvector of the Google matrix G with a given initial direction of links. Due to inversion of link directions the CheiRank ranks the network nodes in average proportionally to a number of outgoing links. Since each node belongs both to CheiRank and PageRank vectors the ranking of information flow on a directed network becomes two-dimensional.

  • Cloaking

    Cloaking is a process of showing different versions of a web page of a website under different situations. In general a different web page is displayed to web surfers/humans to what is shown to search engines. It is primarily used to show an optimized or a content-rich page to the search engines and a different page to humans when a web page has image or flash with no content. There are ways to make your website content accessible to search engine even though it has flash, image, JavaScript. Hackers also use this technique after they hack a website so that website owner does not know. It is not a good SEO practice and is violation of Google webmaster guidelines.

  • Cognitive Pause

    In relation to Google Instant, a cognitive pause is the time taken by a user to consider the results that were displayed after a letter is typed. If that pause is three seconds or longer, listings on that SERP earn an impression.