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  • A/B Testing

    A/B testing or Split testing is experimental approach to user experience or web design where two different versions are checked at different point of time to check user’s behavior. Various testing elements like copy text, layouts, images and colors are used by varying for optimal result. A visitor is shown one version of a page – (A) version or (B) version – based on user behavior second version is modified. Also tracking the changes in behavior based on which version they saw. (A) version is normally your existing design ("control" in statistics lingo); and (B) version is the "challenger".

  • Above the fold (ATF)

    Above The Fold ATF a.k.a. "what you see in your browser window" determines what will show on the screen when the user browser windows load. The ads are placed at the top at most prominent and visible location to gain highest "search indexing" and "ranking placement". The concept has its origin from newspaper which is folded from between and above the fold has all highlights to grab readers' attention. Above The Fold is used in advertising – it is reserved for premium content and may result in higher click through and conversions. Above the fold advertising is used to determine if the impressions on the Google Display Network will show ads on-screen when a user's browser window loads. ATF ads display would depend on screen resolutions, web browsers, and other related factors. Ads in your Google Display Network campaign will only appear when a placement can display your ad when the page loads, without having to scroll. Using ATF advertisement you can boost your ads performance. Above The Fold Time (AFT) is used for web performance measurement and for detail you can visit the website webperformancetoday.com

  • Absolute Link/ Absolute Path

    While creating URLs or writing links absolute path refers to very specific location, including the domain name; it is full URL of the file. It is used when you are referring to a web element on another domain. An absolute link includes the complete location of the document that includes the transfer protocol required to get the document, the server to get it from (domain name), the directory it is located in and then the name of the document itself (file name). Retrieving absolute link might be slower compared to relative but absolute links have less chance of getting messed up as complete path is defined.

  • Acquisition Strategy

    It is a process to acquiring products and services based on its supply and demand, specifications, acquisition methods and risk. Search Acquisition Strategy is processed approach to acquire and retain the right visitors to your website via organic results. Search acquisition strategy looks at the critical factors and criteria in acquiring products and services which need to be addressed by business owners and managers as the initiator in search engine optimization program implementation and search engine marketing strategy.

  • ACRank

    ACRank stands for A-Citation-Rank (By majesticseo). It measures how important a particular page is by assigning a number from 0 (lowest) to 15 (highest) depending on the number of unique referring external root domains. Therefore in order for a page or link to have ACRank of 1 or higher it needs to have at least one external backlink. You can find the minimum number of referring domains for each ACRank level.

  • Active Directory

    Active Directory (AD) is a directory service created by Microsoft for Windows domain networks. Active Directory provides a central location for network administration and security.

  • Ad

    Advertising is a form of communication for marketing used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action. When a searcher submit query the search engine may display ad anywhere on the SERP. Generally they appear on the top above the natural or organic listings and on the right hand side of the SERP that is known as "Right Rail".

  • Adjacency

    A property of the relationship between words in a search engine (or directory) query. Search engines often allow users to specify that words should be next to one another or somewhere near one another in the web pages searched.

  • Adsense

    Google Inc. runs a program called Google Adsense. Google AdSense offers a simple, easy and flexible way to earn revenue by showing relevant and engaging ads alongside your online content. The AdSense ads can be displayed on your website, mobile sites, and site search results. The ads served are based on website content, the user's geographical location, and other factors. Publishers and advertisers through Google Network earn and generate revenue, all the billing is managed by Google.

  • Adversarial Information Retrieval

    Adversarial Information Retrieval (adversarial IR) or AIRWeb Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web is a topic in information retrieval related to strategies for working with a data source where some portion of it has been manipulated maliciously. Tasks can include gathering, indexing, filtering, retrieving and ranking information from such a data source. Adversarial IR is study of methods to detect, isolate, and defeat such manipulation. Malicious manipulation to make search result less useful to web surfers may be in form of link-bombing, search engine spam and optimization, splogs, malicious tagging, referrer spam, reverse engineering of ads blocking, ranking algorithms and web content filtering.

  • Adwords

    Google AdWords is Google's advertising product and an important source of revenue generation. AdWords offers PPC ads, CPC advertising, CPM ads, cost-per-thousand-impressions, site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads. Thousands of websites partner with Google to display ads through Google Display Network to reach local, national and international users and drive conversions using various their message in various ad formats like text, image, and video. Google uses Contextual targeting technology to display ads and may use placement targeting. Results can be measured and optimized using placement performance report.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    It is type of marketing that involves marketing of products and services sold by other website or other business in lieu of fees or commissions. Merchants expand their market reach using Affiliate marketing programs; they pay independent agents on a cost per action (CPA) basis. Affiliates are paid if visitors complete an action. Display of affiliate site ads in search result is monitored through manual review, landing page quality score on paid ads and implementing algorithm to check thin affiliate sites and duplicate content.

  • Aggregator

    A Website that aggregates specific information from multiple sources it may be feeds gathered from RSS syndication. It may display them to subscribers in a Desktop popup device or it can popularize content in different ways. Example Technorati.com The web application aggregates syndicated web content of different forms. Different types of aggregator are: Data aggregator, News aggregator, Poll aggregator, Review aggregator, Search aggregator, Social network aggregation, Video aggregator

  • Alexa Internet

    Alexa is a company owned and controlled by Amazon. Founded in 1996 by American web entrepreneurs Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat and later acquired by Amazon in 1999. The company offers Alexa toolbar which once installed gives Internet users traffic patterns to its community users that uses Alexa toolbar for different browsers. It provides traffic information, global ranking, traffic stats of Internet and top websites, contact information and reviews of sites, free global web metric and search keywords.

  • Algorithm

    Algorithms are also sometimes called "secret sauce". It is set of rules and formulae by search engine to determine search relevancy and SERP and suggest to user based of their search query.

  • All The Web ATW

    ATW is All the Web, Around The Web or All The Way. ATW was a search engine that no longer exists.

  • Allegra Update

    It was in February 2005, The Allegra update borrows its name from the popular Allergy medication for allergy sufferers. It is said that Allegra could be the remedy to the "Sandbox Effect" that tens of thousands of Web sites experienced in 2004. The Allegra Super Bowl Update name Super Bowl Update refers to the update's proximity to American football's Super Bowl game. Allegra appears to randomize the search results to a degree so that someone searching for a particular keyword phrase does not see the same search results each time. They do this by periodically switching data centers.

  • ALT tag

    Alt attribute used in HTML or XHTML documents specify an alternate text for user agents that cannot display images, forms or applets. It is meant for someone who cannot see image. The "title" attribute which may be used along with alt tag for images to offer advisory information about the element for which it is set. Search engine spiders like Googlebot does not see the images and so read the "alt" attribute alternative text and title if specified. Some browsers earlier used alt attribute as tooltip similar to title attribute to render information in standards non compliant manner. Tags used to define alt attribute are img, area. Attributes like 'longdesc' can be used to provide detail information about image or 'list-style-image in CSS' can be used to create long list.

  • Amazon

    It is largest retail website online; its other important sites are IMDB and Alexa. It is electronic ecommerce company started by Jeff Bezos in 1994.

  • Analytics

    Analytics is a data visualization channel using which you can discover and communicate meaningful data pattern to quantify performance. Analytics for performance enhancement would rely on operation research, statistics and computer programming. Analytics is different from analysis as it is two side approach firstly it gain valuable knowledge from data analysis and then uses this insight to recommend action for complete methodology.

  • Anchor Text

    The anchor text is clickable, readable, visible, linkable label, link text, or link title text in a hyperlink. The hyperlink and its linkable text (anchor text) must be relevant to landing page. But in January 2013 Google has levied Internal linking penalty that says if you use generic anchor text (with highly optimized anchor text that is a particular URL has abnormally high percentage of backlinks with a single anchor text) on the home page, pointing to the home page your website would be penalized. Webmaster should not be manipulative and should stop using keywords rich anchor text. Keywords used as anchor text help determine search engine ranking.

  • API

    An application programming interface (API) is a protocol used as an interface by software components and applications to interact with another software component or application. It can take many forms. Example: Twitter API

  • Applet

    A small program, often written in Java, which usually runs in a web browser, as part of a web page. It is possible that the use of such a program may cause spiders and robots to stop indexing a page.

  • Arbitrage

    It is the practice of taking advantage of price difference between commodities between different markets and moving to immediate resale on another market in order to profit from a price discrepancy. Shopping search engines generally draw most of their traffic through arbitrage.

  • ArchitextSpider

    The name of the Excite search engine's spider.

  • ASP

    Active Server Pages is a server side script engine to generate dynamic web pages. ASP pages are supported by all versions of Internet Information Services (IIS).

  • Astroturfing

    The process of creating fake grassroots campaigns. Astroturfing is often used specifically regarding review sites like Google Places, Yelp, Judy's Book and more. These fake reviews can be positive reviews for your own company or slander against your competitors. It is reverse of full disclosure. Example: Participating in a user forum with the secret purpose of branding, customer recruitment, or public relations.

  • Auction Model Bidding

    It is a type of PPC bidding that is market or competition-driven bidding. First, an advertiser determines what maximum amount per click they are willing to pay per keyword. If no competition exists for that keyword, the advertiser pays their bid, or less, for every click. If there is competition for a particular keyword at auction, then the advertiser with the highest bid will pay more than their nearest competitor.

  • Authority

    The amount of trust or link juice in terms of SEO that a site is given or awarded with for a particular search query. Authority/trust is derived from related incoming links from other trusted sites.

  • Authority Sites

    A website with many incoming links from other related expert/hub sites. Because of this simultaneous citation from trusted hubs an authority site usually has high trust, page rank, and search results placement. Example: Wikipedia

  • Automated Robot or Search Engine Spider

    Search Engine Spiders are known by different names like Web crawlers, ants, Web Scutters, automatic indexers, bots, Web spiders, Web robots. Search engine robots are automated computer program or a software agent that browses the World Wide Web in an orderly fashion that is in a methodical, automated manner or in an orderly fashion indexing page content and following links.

  • Automatic Optimization

    Automatic Optimization says that search engines picks which ad for an individual advertiser would give the highest CTR (click-through rate) as time progresses, and then optimizes the ad serve, showing that ad more frequent than other ads in the same Ad Group/Ad Order.

  • Autoresponder

    An automatic email response program is called an autoresponder.

  • AV AltaVista

    One of the search engines that helps find web surfers relevant information, video, images, and answers from all across the Web.

  • Avatar

    An avatar is an image or username assigned to a person online within forums and social networks.