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  • - 200 Status Code

    Status code 200 says status OK that is client's request was successfully received, understood, and accepted; this code says that page or image requested was found and loaded properly.

  • - .htaccess file

    It is a hypertext access file with its one or more configuration directives placed in a web site document directory that is supported by most of the servers. The directives apply to that particular directory and all its subdirectories.

  • - 203 Status Code

    Standard HTML status code 203 is for Non-Authoritative Information.

  • - -30 Penalty

    Google Minus-30 Penalty means your page rank may go down by 3 pages or 30 positions. Every search that for which the URL ranked from a particular domain would show that url after penalty on the top of page 4, position #31 precisely and even for a search on the domain name itself. Similarly, a Google Minus-60 penalty may mean lowering of your page rank by six pages or 60 positions, positioning to 61. Similarly you get minus 90 (-90) penalty that is ranking drop exactly 90 places and are now at minus 90. All these penalties have site-wide effect means for all keywords, every search for that particular domain the search is pushed down. Today, you will observer little change the domain may not always be penalized.

  • - 301 Status Code

    Status code 301 is for status stating moved permanently; this may be used for moving a website or web page permanently to a new location that is new web page or new website .htaccess file is used for redirection on Apache server and for IIS server redirection is done through ASP/ASP.net Internet manager.

  • - 302 Google Jacking/ Page hijacking

    It is a way for web page identity theft, virtual identity theft using 302 redirection by hackers showing false high Google Page Rank by redirection. It is a form of cloaking. Initially your website comes up in search results but as hacker hacks and use 302 redirect the displayed text in your URL listed by Google looks valid. When a potential visitor clicks on the link in Google Search Results a 302 redirect script is followed (bad web site tricked Google spider into thinking that it is a legitimate "302" redirect) and the unfortunate potential visitor and Google spider is taken or redirected to a junk links/banner farm page never knowing your URL is legitimate. Finally you get de-listed neither the hacker nor you get any benefit.

  • - 302 Status Code

    Status code says Found but temporarily under a different URL. Temporarily redirection is not considered good for SEO.

  • - 400 Status Code

    Status code 400 states Bad Request. The server did not understand request sent as syntax error was found and one needs to change request syntax.

  • - 401 Status Code

    User Authentication is requested when 401 status code is returned.

  • - 402 Status Code

    Status code 402 is returned by server when payment is required.

  • - 403 Status Code

    Server Code is returned when server refuses to provide you required information.

  • - 404 Status Code

    Server Code 404 tells web user requested web page is Not Found error message. Custom error page set up option with certain hosts are helpful to know pages with navigational issues. For a web page request that does not exist on the site server should return 404 error.

  • - 408 Status Code

    Status says server Timeout waiting for request; the client did not produce a request within the time that the server was prepared to wait. The client MAY repeat the request without modifications at any later time.

  • - 409 Conflict

    The request could not be completed due to a conflict with the current state of the resource.

  • - 500 Status Code

    Status Internal Server Error; the server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

  • - 502 Status Code

    The server code 503 says Bad Gateway and is returned when the server acts a gateway or proxy and the upstream server returns invalid response.

  • - 503 Status Code

    Service Unavailable; it is for temporary as state server may be overloaded or down for maintenance.

  • - 504 Status Code

    Gateway Timeout - When a server acts as a gateway or proxy and as a result could not get response from its upstream server it gives gateway timeout.

  • - 505 Status Code

    The status code is returned when a user requested HTTP Protocol Version is Not Supported.

  • - -950 Penalty

    This penalty is specific to certain searches; this is as an "end-of-results" phenomenon. What we see is a URL that was previously top ranked for a certain search now showing up on one of the last pages of the SERPs not on any specific number page. Most of the time this only affects specific searches on other searches that same URL can still be on first page.

  • - Beacon

    A web beacon is also called web bug. It is a tracker 1 by 1 GIF (1 x 1 pixel) often invisible having no color. This line of code is placed in an ad or on a web page to track the visitor's actions, such as registrations or purchases.